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tv   Revista Hispana  NBC  December 6, 2015 6:00am-6:30am EST

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good morning everyone and
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buenos dias y bienvenidos a otra edicion de revista hispana. good morning and welcome to another edition of revista hispana. i' m alberto vasallo. on the show this morning, we present the 26th anniversary of
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also on the show, urban nutcracker, boston' s original holiday classic, is back for its 14th season and packed with even more magic for the family. and, we will also talk to baseball royalty as we have interviews with the roberto clemente family and also the great one - pedro martinez - and groundwit of boston latin academy in the house. welcome to revista. bu, latin academy. what high school? >> latin. >> had to get all of the shoutouts. >> puerto rican, bostonian, dominican bostonian. >> how are you? >> we're doing well. >> happy, excited? >> yes. thank you so much for having us here. >> my pleasure. >> very excited about this year's event coming up december 12th again on the western waterfront. a wonderful celebration of latino culture, inspired by puerto rico traditions but the largest gala in all of the new england. >> in a little while we're going to to show some photos because it is a lot of fun, but before i want to give a little background on tag and the program it is.
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help that. and i never want to kind of forget there is a purpose. it is a great party but a great cause as well. >> so this year the tag association is helping around the event ask the tag association came together by a group of alums from the tag and again as you said tag stands for talented and gifted latino program and i was honored to be one of the founding members of the association we worked with lieusia meyers and david, which guided us in getting this initiative started and the tag programs for me has been very, very instrumental in my development. i had just arrived in boston. i think i had been here two to three years and boston latin academy, the school for me was very overwhelming, having only spoken english for two years or so and it gave me an opportunity to learn more and connect with the culture that i had left
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republic. and so the tag programs allowed me to really make life-long friends. some of my bestest friends are from there, it allowed me to learn about the culture itself and connect with other cultures beyond just my own, my little island. it gave us an opportunity to learn really valuable leadership skills, a lot of us. public speaking right now is something i probably wouldn't have done before. so it is really a life changing program for me and the association came out of an idea that we wanted to support and everybody else. >> i love it. [laughs] >> where do i sign the check. money is going to help that. there are also other benefactors as well, right. hispanic writers week. >> this is the second year that the tag association is putting event. i'm alproud member of the board, of the tag association and this mentoring program.
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hispanic writers week with some funding, it connected over 100 students in boston public schools with five published writers from latino writers from across the u.s. >> like i said it is a great party. now, ok, you know what let's get to the party because the cause, i'm sold, right. so for those who are watching this for the first time let's put-- see i don't know if i'm in there, i might be in that photo somewhere in the back, marcy might be in there as well, but this captures the spirit, i love this part of the even, right. but so much that goes on. take me through what an evening looks like. >> right there in the picture you saw your typical puerto rican badamba. every holidays people go home to home and we bring that into a one night atmosphere and it's just an amazing celebration of our culture. we have the traditional puerto
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year we have an amazing salsa guest. >> and these are some of the guests. i actually know all three of them. yes, i do know who they are. but it is like who is who in everybody in the community. how many folks? >> over a thousand, the largest networking event in latinos for all of the new england as well. >> and we did mention. [native language] this year. he'll be there as well and again for those who missed the opening it will be at the new venue, right. the western waterfront. so that's exciting as well. >> very exciting. last year on a very short period of time we were able to raise funds and put the event on at mosley's on the charles but this year we're bringing it to a new venue and they've provided us with this year coketoo, that's something very exciting as well. >> another important element to this, there is always several recipients over the years, this
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right. >> that's correct. this year we're issuing the luseal meyerson davidson baneda award and that's going to the person on the screen now. she is the new commissioner of the health and human services for the city of wister, life long whister resident that has devoted a lot to the health and human services areas of whister, and she's also a professor at umass medical as well. >> absolutely, december 12th, it's go to be great. >> brieflial what are you doing with your life? >> right now i work at the world forum in new york. >> came all this way. >> how about you my friend? >> i'm a district manager for aldo show stores. i run 14 different aldo shoe stores. >> you want nee give you my shoe size now. [laughs] >> i'll see you december 12th. >> you've got to be there.
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camera a politician in the making. >> when we come back, the stars of urban nutcracker make an oncore appearance right here on revista hispana. ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh hush my darling... don't fear my darling... the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] hush my darling... [snoring.] don't fear my darling... the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] take the roar out of snore.
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our next guest are the stars of urban nutcracker. if you've never experienced this muse celts described as a modern opinion 19th century fairytale which trance ports the audience to an enchanted world unlike their own delivering classic balay urban, tap, hip-hop, jazz, traditional chinese and a few other surprises. nutcracker delivers in dance and diversity of performers you will see on the stage as its casts is a true reflection of our multi-cultural communities. one such example is 13 year old
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rico and raised in hyde park, who is in the lead role of clarice and lisa michelle joins us this morning, born in new jersey, lives in hoppiccon and her congratulations. now guys are ready to role next >> yep. >> who is more nervous? >> we opened this friday, december 11th and we're super excited, but we're almost there. >> you were 13. now were here last year. >> yes. >> and that was your first time, your first time in the lead role, right? >> yes. >> so now you've got more experience, right? >> yes. >> so are you looking forward to it? >> i'm still learning. i consider that every day we learn as people and the first was a new experience but i figured that this year is another new experience because
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and we've changed the choreography just a little but it's almost the same. television. >> you're on the edge of your seat. no, it's just that what she says we have new sets and costumes. i think that's one of the good things about what we're doing this year, 59th anniversary of the urban nutcracker and we have all new revamped the whole production, i'm really excited >> yes. and you are now part of the dance group and the troop. give me a sense of the excitement about not just the people around you but your family and friends looking forward to seeing you perform. >> they are very, very excited. so niomeally has done the role before, i also did the role for sugar plum many years ago, so it is exciting for me to dance the role again, but for me this is very different choreography, the urban nutcracker really puts a twist on the role, so it is jazzier music, jazzier choreography and it is a lot of
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spin on it, give it more personality. >> i want to come back to you. as an associate director, kind of describe, i tried my best to put into words how real diverse the musical range is. >> well we have the duke ellington music, which is jazzy combined and i think the diversity of the dancers having all of these combinations of different dances, hip-hop, flu mango, different chinese, it makes the real production be much more different than original one. >> i love the kids here, the costumes. >> the colors. >> it looks like it's unbelievable again this year. >> and i also think the spin about it is it makes it more realistic, i mean the whole production is based upon a city in boston, which i think is also people can relate to that when they come and see the production, it's not fantsy island upon their eyes, but it
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happens and there is a story that happens just like in the original one. >> and i've seen you've-- speaking of boston i've heard you met the mayor of boston and he was happy to meet you and very proud of you. how was that experience? >> that was so fun. i got to be with the mayor at the copeally holiday fest v an introduction to christmas in the city of boston and i was there with a couple of people from the urban nutcracker cast and other people from boston balay it was really fun and it was really an experience, unbelievable. i will never forget it. >> we're going to turn a little
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[native language] >> it is a very different audience. >> we have two special shows, one is an autism-friendly show, which is so incredible because there are families who have a child who maybe has trouble sitting through a whole performance or get overwhelmed by bright lights so we have one show ritz ok if they make noise and it's fine and anybody can come and even if it's hard for them to sit through the two hours they can come and enjoy as much as they can take in and so that's really, really amazing that it's so welcoming to all families. it is really nice. and we also have an lgbt friendly show with drag queens and all sorts of fun and so that's another way that i think the production is exceptionally incluse and diverse in their
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[native language] how do we get tickets, let's put the information. [native language]
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[native language] >> thank you, thank you. all right. don't go away, because when we
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last one in boston don' t go away, when we come back pedro martinez and luis clemente - the son of the baseball icon roberto clemente - right here on revista hispana... last month in boston, members of two families of baseball royalty coincided as sox legend pedro martinez was in town for a special presentation at the edward kennedy institute at u/mass and luis clemente, the son of baseball and humanitarian icon roberto clemente made the trip from puerto rico as his father was being honored for his military service in the us armed forces by puerto rican vets here
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[native language] [native language] and that was pedro martinez. before we sign off since this is the last show of the year a little props to our hard-working interns who is on my left and today you get to meet them. welcome to the front of the cameras, not behind them. son queridos, pedro martinez, durante su visita a boston, me hablo sobre su relacion tan especial que tiene con esta >> when you're behind you get to see and make comments and now
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what i'm doing. >> larry and the whole crew. >> so tell me, ok, so urban update, rivista, both intern, what was your main responsibilities this year and last year? >> i was focused with first one segm, we started out just looking for a guest and writing the script and as my internship went forward i went from one segment to writing the entire script and my favorite part, i know you're going hate this but sometimes guests would cancel last minute and like the day before the show and that was by far my favorite part because it means i get to look for the guest and write the entire script, find the pictures and it was awesome because it was great being in the control room and seeing it happen when just the day before everything -- . >> you learned fast. >> so i loved that. >> and you it helped that you're bilingual so you would write
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[native language] >> how many people are in front >> threing. >> four. >> three and a half. >> and one in the control room. >> so there is a lot of people and i'm sure you learn that and we learned a lot from you. for example i returned a lot about columbia, from you not so [laughs] >> you know a lot about puerto [laughs] >> i already know about port reek ons, i'm up there, but i'm glad you guys had a good experience here at channel 7 and
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where can i find you a year from now? >> hopefully a year from now [laughs] current, i recently graduated from us boston and i worked the city of cambridge with the vice mayor benson and rightow trying to look for more opportunities with producing, scripts. >> and you're still studying? >> no, i'm done too. but we have a certain master's degree in education. so right now i'm working as a teacher in boston. >> i will never get you guys confused ever again. good job. thank you all for your help. that's it for this addition of revista hispana... and i would like to thank all of my wonderful crew. happy holidays, merry christmas, have a great time this sunday! go pats!
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